Great buys!

Thought I'd post my newest acquisitions from charity shops and a school fete. Have run out of shelf space, but am sure I'll find room for them somewhere.

I've wanted this book for ages as it's a classic of its time.  I know it's not the first edition, but it's a fair-sized tome and cost me £2 in a local charity shop, a bargain. Can't wait to try out some of the cakes! It's a good read for wet weather!

 This is my second find. I've been rewatching the series after SK, so to find the book for 75p in my local school fete was great. I've already marked several recipes to try. Watch this space!

My last find, again in a local charity shop [we have a lot of them in town] and it cost me £1. I recorded the series a while ago, when it was yet again repeated, on the Food Channel, I think. I love their style, especially Clarissa. They both are larger than life, as is some of their food!


Can you believe I actually have two of these on my bookshelves. The Constance Spry I have had for a long time and two fat ladies, bless, was a must had to love their character. I love the way CDR writes about her passion, food, in her own books.
Suelle said…
I'm a big fan of charity shops for cookbooks - it's a good place to see which cooking fads have passed too! (and how people never stick to diets!)

Unfortunately I'm completely out of shelf space too!
I love the Constance Spry book. It not only has classic recipes, it's also so evocative of its time. At times when she talks about country houses and shooting parties, it does feel as if it arrived from Mars rather than the 1950s.

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