Bavarian Apple Cake

It was the big family get together for my in laws on Saturday. As there are now too many for my sil's house, she hired her church halls. We ate fish and chips as there was a chippie round the corner, and each branch of the family made a dessert or two.

I bought rather a lot of apples last week, so decided to make a recipe which my lovely German dil had given me, for a Bavarian apple cake. It's nice to have a new recipe using apples, and this one is really delicious and easy to make. The cake is in layers - a cakey layer, then jam, then a cheesecake type layer, then apples and finally almonds. It does use a fair amount of sugar, 200g, so I used Bramley apples, but any tart apples would do.

Preheat oven 220C/gas8

Grease the sides of a  20cm springform cake tin, but line the bottom with foil to prevent any mixture seeping out. Dil advised this as she's had a problem with a leaking cake!

Cream 125g butter with 75g caster sugar and 1/2 tspn vanilla extract. Add 150g plain flour and mix together -it's a crumbly mixture. Press this into the bottom of your tin, using a spoon to press it down firmly. Spread this with 3 tbspn seedless raspberry jam.

In another bowl mix 225g cream cheese [like Philly] with 50g of caster sugar, an egg and 1/2 tspn vanilla extract. Pour this batter over the jam layer.

Peel. core and slice 4 medium apples, then toss with 75g caster sugar and a good tspn of cinnamon. Make sure they're well coated, then sprinkle them over the cheese layer.

Sprinkle a handful of flaked almonds over the top then put the cake tin on a baking sheet and bake for 10mins,then reduce the temperature to 200C/gas6 and bake for 35-45 mins till the cake is golden and the cheese layer has set.

An unusual apple cake; I liked the different textures of the layers and the crunchy almonds on top. Keep and eye on the cake towards the end of cooking time, and cover it with foil if it's getting too brown.


I think there's every possibility that you like apple cakes even more than I do and that's saying something. This is very different and sounds lovely. Fish and chips and apple cake sounds like a particularly fine combination to me.Happy new year.
This is a combination of all my favourite things - apples, cinnamon, cream cheese, jam, vanilla...if you could sneak some coconut in there it would be a full house!

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