The weather here has been so hot that I decided to make some real lemonade. I used the recipe from Delia's 'Summer Collection'

You need:
6 lemons
150g sugar

Scrub the lemons and thinly pare the outer coloured zest from 3 of the lemons. Remove any white pith as it will make the lemonade taste bitter.
Put the zest in a large bowl and add the lemon juice and the sugar. Pour in 1.4 litres of boiling water, stir well, cover and leave overnight in a cool place.

Next day stir again and check for sweetness. Add more sugar if necessary. Serve chilled with lots of ice.


Trekkie said…
"The weather here has been so hot..."
Honestly, you can go off some people.
Lynn (whe's had the heating on for the last 2 weeks!!!!).
Snowy said…
It's much cooler since we got back last night. Hope we don't have to have the heating on till October!

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