Apple puree cake

This is a lovely moist cake with a soft, dense texture. Make sure, if you do try it, that you grease the cake tin well, as I used my 2lb silicone loaf mould and even thought I did grease it, the cake still stuck to the bottom.

Apple puree cake

100g butter or margarine, softened

225g soft brown sugar [I used light brown muscovado sugar and it gave the cake a lovely flavour]

2 eggs, lightly beaten

225g plain flour

1 tspn ground cinnamon

½ tspn grated nutmeg

100g apple puree

1 tspn bicarb.

2 tbspn hot water

Preheat oven 180C/gas4/350F

Grease a 2lb loaf tin well

Cream butter and sugar till light and fluffy

Beat in eggs and stir in flour, spices and apple puree.

Mix the bicarb. with the hot water then stir it into the mixture.

Spoon into tin and bake for about 50mins. Test with skewer to see if it’s cooked.


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