Big decision made!

We've decided to return to the UK and our house is sold. We now have to wait till mid July to sign the contract and get our money. We're moving to Northamptonshire, to be near our son and family. It's a new area for us, so another adventure! Haven't made anything worth blogging about lately, and we seem to have been very busy. We've been here 7 years and it's been like a lovely long holiday.
 This is our house. The garden goes all around the house and we're on the edge of a lovely hamlet of 20 houses. There are fields in front and behind us.We're going to have to downsize quite a lot when buying a UK property!

This is our Mairie in the local village. It's a chateau that the commune bought and restored, and everyone is very proud of it. There's are lovely grounds behind where we have open-air concerts in the summer and picnics. There are 200 different types of trees.

This is le Donjon in our nearest town, Niort. It was built by Eleanor of Aquitaine. There's a lovely market nearby every Thursday and Saturday morning.
These are our wonderful local donkeys called 'Baudet de Poitou'. They were becoming quite rare, so they began a breeding programme and now their numbers have grown to several thousand.
I'll be sad to leave, but life moves on, and we'll be able to help our children and see more of our grandchildren.


Rhyleysgranny said…
A big move for you. All part of life's journey. It will be nice for you to be near your family again. Health wealth and happiness in you new home. x
Snowy said…
Thank you Brenda. x
It's going to be such a huge change! I hope it all goes smoothly x
Snowy said…
Thanks Anna. x

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