Garden tour

As I'm still feeling rather shell-shocked about the house sale, I thought I'd have a short tour of the garden. It really cheered me up.
I grew this parsley from seed last year and it survived the snow and frost this winter.
This is the Willians pear tree. Doesn't seem to have many pears on it this year. I love the little bird house which attracts so many birds in winter and spring.The piece of wood across the front is to stop the magpies eating all the sunflower seeds. 

Looks like it's going to be a good year again for Bramleys. We brought 2 trees with us and they've done really well. Need to take off 2/3 of these little ones to get a decent sized apple.

At last the French beans have started to grow. They badly needed some sunshine. The cabbages are doing well and the beetroot.

Going to have a good crop of gooseberries. There are red ones too.

I love this climbing rose. It's Zephirine Drouhin, which has no thorns and a lovely perfume. Its flowers are prolific this year.
If you look throught the fence you can see the maize growing in the field in front of the house. The first year we were here, we thought it was the same as corn on the cob, so we snitched a couple, only  to discover that it tastes awful - it's for cattle feed! Serves us right!!


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