White chocolate torte with cranberries and almonds

I first made this when we lived in France. It's a meringue mixture with an unusual combination of ingredients.

8 egg whites
200g caster sugar
250g white chocolate, chopped up
190g chopped almonds [skinned]
200g dried cranberries
40g sr flour
a little flour and fat for the cake tin

Preheat the oven 180C/350F/gas4

Lightly grease a 24cm cake tin and line the bottom with baking parchment. Flour this and shake out excess.
Beat the egg whites into stiff peaks and gradually add the sugar. Keep beating till it's firm and shiny. Put the chocolate, almonds and cranberries in a bowl and mix in the flour.
Add the egg whites to the chocolate mixture in two lots.
Spoon into the tin and bake in the oven for an hour. Half way through, if the top is getting too brown, cover it with some foil.
Turn the oven off, but leave the torte inside until it's completely cold.


Suelle said…
That sounds really tasty, Snowy! I have a similar recipe with stem ginger, almonds and figs added to meringue, which I keep meaning to try when we have our gluten intolerant friend round for a meal. I always find something else which looks more interesting though!
Sounds really good to me. I did combine white chocolate and cranberries in a Christmas cake once but this sounds a lot lighter and less daunting.
Snowy said…
It's very nice as a dessert, Suelle and Phil.
Your ingredients sound good too, Suelle; one to try another time.
Looks lovely - so light! Very tasty combination of flavours too.
Choclette said…
Wow, another winner Snowy. I really like meringue type confections, but get put off by not knowing what to do with the egg yolks.

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