Lemon Curd Eclairs

I decided I wanted to make something a bit different when some friends came for tea. My Mum was an excellent baker, and one of the things I really loved were her chocolate eclairs. I thought I'd have a try at choux pastry as it's years since I've made any. [Many moons ago I went to cookery classes with a friend, and we made choux buns.]
Recently I was given a large jar of home-made lemon curd, so decided to try and use this as the filling instead of cream. I'd make some fondant icing for the tops.

Do I do a GBBO and say - 'Make some choux pastry' or give the recipe? Decided to do the latter.
This amount makes about 10 buns.

150ml water, 50g butter, 65g plain flour, 2 eggs lightly beaten

Put the water and butter in a pan and bring to the boil over a medium heat. Take off the heat and add the flour. Put back on the heat and beat with a wooden spoon for 2-3 mins till the mixture leaves the sides of the pan.
Cool slightly. Gradually beat in the eggs till they're all incorporated.

For the lemon curd eclairs:  you need a large jar lemon curd and some fondant icing and water.

Preheat oven 220C/gas7                      Grease 2 baking trays 

Put a large plain tube into an icing bag and fill with the choux pastry.
Pipe 7.5 cm lengths onto the baking sheets.
Bake for 15 mins, change the position of the sheets and turn the oven down to 190C/gas 5 and bake for another 20 mins.
Put onto a wire rack to cool.

Make a slit in the side of each pastry shell. Fill an  icing bag with a large plain tube and add lemon curd. Pipe some into each pastry shell.

Make up some fondant icing and spread some over each eclair.

Lovely textures - the pastry, the curd and the icing. Think I overdid the lemon curd a bit and would put less in next time. They make a nice change from the usual chocolate ones. Would certainly make them again.


Wow, they look excellent. I really like the lemony variation on an eclair. I haven't eaten an eclair for a long time and, believe me, I really want one now. And I haven't made choux pastry for more years than I care to remember. I'm missing out in a major way.
Suelle said…
They don't look over-filled to me, but if the lemon curd squirts everywhere then a bit less might be more practical. They sound delicious.

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