Unexpected present

We were busy packing boxes this afternoon when the doorbell rang. There were 3 ladies standing outside grinning at us.
They were 3 of our lovely neighbours, and when invited in, they produced a package and said it was a souvenir of our time here. We were so moved that they'd thought of doing this.
On opening the present, we found a lovely watercolour, done by a local artist, of La Garette, a pretty village in the Marais Poitevin, our area.

It's not framed as they wanted us to choose what we wanted.

What lovely people we have as neighbours; everyone, without exception, has been so kind to us. Our little hamlet has about 20 houses and we belong to a big village.

The Marais Poitevin is beautiful. It's now an inter-regional park. It's not well known to the Brits and is still unspoilt. It has a variety of scenery, from marshes to the coast. We live in the lovely marsh area with lots of alder trees.
Have a look here.
The black flat-bottomed boat is known as a barque, and is a popular way of experiencing this lovely area.


What a thoughtful gift! It's really beautiful!
Lynn said…
That is so lovely and thoughtful. I do hope that you get the same kind of neighbourliness in your new home.

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