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'Fondant au Chocolat' Cake

The small 'fondants au chocolat' were the puddings which caused the most problem when I used to watch Masterchef! My French friends recently came to visit, and knowing how I love to try new things, she brought me her recipe for a large cake version. The biggest problem was choosing the right tin, as G had used a French one and I wasn't sure which one of mine to use. In the end, I used a tin I use to make quiches, 22cm. It has a loose base which was very useful. The recipe:  100g chocolate [my friend used cooking chocolate in her recipe. but I used supermarket's own dark]  75g softish butter  3 eggs  100g caster sugar  40g plain flour  1 tspn baking powder Oven 180C                        Grease and flour a 20/22cm tin Break up chocolate and cut butter into pieces. Melt over a pan of simmering water, or in the microwave. Mix together. In another bowl beat eggs and sugar till white and fluffy. Add to the chocolate mixture carefully, then fold in the flour a