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Coconut Tart

 I needed a quick dessert for my family and remembered this one which used to be a great family favourite. It uses bought puff pastry, some jam, dessicated coconut and a few other ingredients, but is very simple and quick to make. Preheat oven 200C/gas6                  a 23cm tart tin You need: a pack of butter puff pastry, 80g caster sugar, 4 beaten eggs, 125g dessicated coconut, 1 pot of jam of your choice, 1 tspn vanilla extract, 100g butter. Roll out the puff pastry and fit into the tart tin. Prick the bottom with a fork. Melt the butter, then in a bowl mix together the caster sugar, eggs, melted butter, coconut and the vanilla extract. Spread the jam over the pastry in the tin, then cover this with the coconut mixture. Bake in the oven for 30-40 mins. Sprinkle some more coconut over the top and leave to cool. I like the combination of textures - the pastry, soft jam, coconut mixture then the extra coconut topping. It would work just as well with shortcrust pastry, but I had some