Life's a rollercoaster!

At 8-45 on Saturday morning the phone rang; it was our estate agent saying he was outside the gate and could he come in. He told us that the couple buying our house had split up, so the deal was off! We were so shocked! Only a week before they'd been here, telling us what they were going to do, and even buying a few bits of furniture from us.
In France when you want to buy a house you sign a 'compromis de vente', and in this there's a legal clause which says that you have to pay a certain amount if either party drops out. We don't know how much this is yet.
So we had to cancel the removal van, scheduled for July 8th. Three of the bedrooms are full of boxes and stacked furniture.
 The house is back on the market.
C'est la vie!


JillyB said…
What a blow after all your plans. I hope a new buyer comes along very soon!
Rhyleysgranny said…
Oh I feel for you. Such a hassle. The same happened to us when we sold our last house. Everything packed and ready to go. I hope you get another buyer very soon. have you bought you new property?
Snowy said…
Thanks Jilly and Brenda. Luckily we haven't bought another one - were in the throes of making an offer!

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