Plum upside down cake

                                 My friend gave me lovely plums from her garden.

I decided to make a variation on the gooseberry upside down cake I posted a while back, as it's so quick and easy.
It's just 110g of butter and sugar beaten, then add 2 eggs and 110g sr flour. I added some cinnamon with the flour as I love it!
Butter a 20cm springform tin well and make a nice payer of soft brown sugar in the bottom then add the plums, cut in half and stoned, skin-side up.
Put the cake mixture on top and spread it out evenly.
Bake in oven 180C/gas4 for about 35-40 mins till golden brown.

The plums were very juicy, but the cake tasted delicious. We had some as a pudding tonight.


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