Pantry paella

Thought I'd post a recipe that wasn't baking this time.

 I watched Nigella's 'Kitchen' series and loved the look of this paella. We're off to North Wales tomorrow to visit our son and family, so I didn't want to go shopping.
Had some raw tiger prawns in the freezer, so this seemed to be the ideal time to try out this dish. We'd  brought some paella rice and spices back from Spain last year, and they were just lying in the back of the cupboard.
You'll find Nigella's recipe here

I wish I'd brought a paella pan back too, but I used my new heavy duty Tefal frying pan instead.

This is the finished dish. Nigella suggests you decorate it with lemon slices and coriander, but haven't any lemons left and I hate coriander!


Anna's kitchen table said...

That looks sooo good!!

thecelticcookinshanghai said...

Love food like this. Enjoying reading your blog. I too have a huge collection of cookbooks, now into the hundreds, always fun whenever we move home.

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