Butternut squash and ginger teabread

I haven't made a teabread for a while, so as I had a butternut squash to use up, I hunted for a recipe in my folders and found this one from 'Good Food' magazine; it's also online and the recipe is here . The recipe is for pumpkin or butternut squash.

I liked the moist texture of the teabread and the flavour of the squash. It's delicious buttered - the slice in the corner of the photo is for my husband who loves butter!


Jean said…
That looks scrummy. I have printed it out from the Good Food website. We have a charity baking day at work coming soon so it would be something unusual to offer.

Mind you, I will have to drizzle some icing on it - past experience tells me that the public can be very fickle and the big, gooey, "slathered in butter icing" cakes always sell best !!
Snowy said…
You're right about that, Jean. Iced cakes do seem to sell best. Hope your charity baking day goes well.

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