Coffee Cheesecake with Chocolate and Caramel Sauce

Time for another dessert, and this time it's a cheesecake. I love coffee flavoured cakes or desserts, so decided to make a coffee cheesecake. To make it more special I made a chocolate sauce and a caramel one as toppings.It has the usual biscuit base which is flavoured with coffee, but this is baked.

You need:
200g digestive biscuits
40g soft butter
20g cocoa

700g cream cheese
6g strong instant coffee dissolved in 3 tbspn warm water
4 eggs
175g caster sugar

For the sauces:

The chocolate one I used this recipe

and for the caramel sauce:
85g butter
175ml double cream
175g soft brown sugar

Preheat oven 150C/gas2                 22cm loose-bottomed cake tin

Put the ingredients in a pan over a medium heat and stir till butter has melted. Turn up heat and boil for 3-4 mins stirring occasionally - it looks like runny custard. Pour into a bowl and leave for 30 mins.


Blitz the biscuits and mix with the butter and cocoa. Press into the base of the tin and put in the fridge.
Put the cheese and sugar in a bowl; add the eggs and sugar and beat together till smooth.
Pour over the base and bake for 40 mins.
Cool, then put in fridge for 12 hrs.
Take out of tin and keep in fridge till needed.

Serve the cheesecake drizzled with the chocolate and caramel sauces.

It was very popular with the family. Nice crunchy base, smooth cheesecake with a soft texture, a good coffee flavour, then the mixture of chocolate and caramel topping- mmmmmm!


Suelle said…
That looks a lovely light texture, for a baked cheesecake, and the two sauces make it look very special!
Baked cheesecakes are definitely the kind I like best and two toppings are definitely twice as nice as one. Lovely dessert. I'll pretend it has no calories.

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