Date, Apricot and Brazil Loaf Cake

This cake is another result of a baking cupboard sort out. I had some brazils, apricots and dates to use up, but not enough of each to use on their own. I love loaf cakes, and just took out the mixed dried fruit from the recipe I usually use in this cake, and added my store cupboard finds.

140g soft margarine
2 large eggs
250g self raising flour
60ml milk
140g caster sugar – reserve 1-2tbspn for cake topping
125g each of dried apricots and pitted dates - each piece cut into 3
65g chopped brazil nuts
1 level tspn mixed spice 
  Preheat oven 150C/Gas 2  Grease and line a 900g loaf tin. 
 Cream margarine and sugar together until soft and fluffy. Gradually add the eggs to the mixture a little at a time and one by one, mixing well . 
Put the fruit and nuts into a bowl and add 2 or 3 tbspn of the flour to coat the fruit and nuts. Sieve the rest of the flour and the mixed spice into the cake mixture.  Fold the fruit and nuts into the mixture as well. Add the milk and gently mix in.
Spoon into the tin and smooth the top then sprinkle over the reserved sugar.

A good cake for afternoon tea with a cuppa. Nice chunks of fruit and nuts, and a soft texture to the cake.


Suelle said…
That sounds a delicious combination of fruit and nuts - this is the sort of cake that's a favourite with me too!
That's a really good afternoon cup of tea cake.
cozy detaiz said…
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