Garden time

A few photos from my tiny urban garden. We've tried to pack a lot into it, and our veg are doing well in Grow Bags in the greenhouse. This year we're growing 5 different types of tomatoes, French beans, peppers  various types of salad, peppers and chillies.
My OH has built 2 large planters and one is full of herbs with a climbing rose growing up the bag on trellis, and the other has flowers, with another rose climbing at the back.

                             We have lots of pots around, and this one has a pretty azalea I bought earlier this year.

The climbing rose was here when we moved in, so we planted a clematis and this year it's been beautiful, growing up into the rose.

This rose is our farewell gift from our lovely French neighbours. We planted it in a pot, and now it's still in its pot but we've cut out the base so its roots can go down into the ground. It has a wonderful perfume.

I'm really pleased with these petunias I bought at my local supermarket. They look great in my French blue pots either side of the front door.

 Another pot we brought back from France was our lemon tree; it overwinters in the greenhouse and has several fruits on it, but they take ages to turn lemon!

I love the flowers on this clematis.It was a gift from my sil when we moved in, but last year it had clematis wilt, went brown, so we had to cut in right back. I thought we'd lost it, but one little shoot appeared and then it started to grow, and it produced these pretty flowers.

 Some peonies that grow in the corner of our garden. It's a shame the flowers don't last, but they're lovely all the same.

Finally, another photo of the clematis; looks as if it's asleep!


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