Spicy Nutty Magic Squares

This recipe is one of my grandsons' favourites. They love to help make it as it's so easy.

The magic bit happens in the oven, as the layers meld together. Basically it's a biscuit layer, a nut layer, a chocolate layer and over these is poured a tin of condensed milk - so no calories then! It's not for the dieters, but great in small pieces as a treat. The nuts are healthy!

I've changed the ingredients so many times that I've forgotten what the original ones were. My Dutch friend gave me the recipe and the speculoos biscuits for the base, but any spicy biscuit will do, or plain ones if you prefer.

You need a greased and lined 20cm square cake tin.

Preheat oven 190C/gas5.

Break up 200g of spicy biscuits, but not into crumbs, leave them in small pieces.
Add 80g of melted butter and mix together.

Press this mixture into the bottom of the tin and press down well  - I use the back of a large spoon.

Chop 100g nuts - mixed or one type - your choice, but don't chop them too small.
Sprinkle these over the crumb base.

Chop 125g dark chocolate and sprinkle over the nuts.

Pour a tin of condensed milk over the chocolate, but don't mix anything together.

Put into the oven and bake for 20 - 25 mins till the top is set and lightly golden.

Leave to cool in the tin.

You can see the magic - it's all come together.
As I said earlier, the recipe is very adaptable and you can change the biscuits, the nuts, the type of chocolate you use, so really you can use what you've got in your cupboards.

It's sweet of course because of the condensed milk, but there's a good contrast of textures between the nuts, melted chocolate and biscuits. It's important not to crush the biscuits and nuts too fine or you wouldn't get any texture.


Hello said…
Lovely, perfect sweet treats
Unknown said…
These sound divine! I shall be having a go this week! I love speculoos wish we could get them here!
That's a very fine idea - they look very good. I'm a big speculoos fan.

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