Apple and Spice Yoghurt Cake

I love spicy cakes, so I've been trying a few recipes and liked this one the best. The recipe uses 'speculoos' or 'speculaas' biscuits, the spicy biscuits the Dutch eat on St Nicholas Day, December 6th. These were easy to find in France, but not here. I used 'Biscoff' brand, which have almost the same taste [and you can also get in a jar and is delicious as a cake filling]. Aldi and Lidl both have spicy biscuits which would work just as well. You also need some apples and vanilla yoghurt.

Preheat oven 200C/gas6  Grease a 20cm square cake tin.

Using a food processor [or a plastic bag and a rolling pin!] blitz 50g of biscuits into fine crumbs.
In a bowl break 2 eggs and whisk, then add 2 tbspn of runny honey and beat. Stir in 1 small pot of vanilla yoghurt and the biscuit crumbs. Add 200g of plain flour to which you've added a tspn of baking powder. Mix together then add 3 tbspn of vegetable oil and mix well.
Peel and core 2 eating apples and chop into dice. Add these to the batter and mix again. 
Spoon or pour into the tin and bake for 25 mins.

Excuse the cheffy leaves - my daughter was trying to jazz up the photo! The cake has an unusual texture, with a  moist and soft crumb; the little chunks of apple giving it another layer, and I love the spicy taste. 


Suelle said…
This sounds so unusual that I'm going to try it very soon. I'm adding biscuits and yogurt to my shopping list!
That's a very different sort of recipe and it sounds lovely - I'm always looking out for variations on the apple cake. You're right that speculoos are much more common in France, especially in the north where they're a bit of an obsession. I remember a few years ago finding an entire aisle in a large supermarket near Abbeville dedicated to speculoos of various kinds. (By the way, there's nothing wrong with a few cheffy leaves now and then in my opinion).
Snowy said…
I love apple cakes too, Phil, and I love speculoos. My Dutch neighbour from France always sends me some speculoos spice mix when she goes back to Holland, so I can make some biscuits. Suelle, I hope you enjoy the cake when you do try it.
I love apple cakes - particularly like yours when there are little pieces of apple to squish into!
Lynn said…
I LOVE the cheffy leaves!!!

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